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With the support of its member entities, which include Lane County and the cities of Eugene, Springfield, Cottage Grove and Oakridge, LRAPA carries out its mission to protect and enhance air quality through a combination of regulatory and non regulatory programs and activities.

Home Wood Heating Advisory Season runs October 1st through May 31st

LRAPA issues daily HWH advisories during this season. It means that everyday at 2 PM, an advisory will be issued for wood burning and will go into effect from 4 PM for 24 hours. These advisories come in three colors: green, yellow, and red. Read our HWH advisory brochure.

Green advisories mean that air quality is clear enough for you to use your woodstove or fireplace. However, there is a limit to how much visible smoke you can produce. It is illegal to have thick smoke coming from your chimney stack. You want your smoke to be barely visible and as light as possible. You can get fined for having smoke that is more than 40% opacity in Eugene and Springfield and more than 20% opacity in the city of Oakridge. See the description and examples of opacity below

Yellow advisories are cautionary warnings about air quality. It is predicting conditions to be stagnant, meaning that smoke may not ventilate well in our area. This can create health issues for you, your family, and your neighbors. While it is still legal to use your woodstove or fireplace, we strongly encourage people to use other forms of heat like electric, propane, or natural gas. The opacity standards still apply during the yellow advisories.

Red - advisories mean that smoke from wood burning is banned. There are only a handful of days in the year when red advisories are issued. However, it is critical to comply with the smoke ban at this time because it means the air quality is so poor that it can have major adverse health effects on you, your family, and your neighbors. You may only use your woodstove or fireplace during a red advisory IF you have an approved exemption letter from LRAPA OR can produce a fire without any visible smoke. You can apply for a financial need-based exemption letter  here. Residents who burn during a red day are subject to fines ranging from $100 to up to several thousand dollars.